Occupational Injuries and Posture

  • Do you often change position at work because you can’t get comfortable?
  • Do you often get that annoying pain felt into your shoulder region or lower back?
  • Do you often find yourself really tight through your neck and shoulder muscles after a day or weeks work?
  • Do you want to find out if your posture is causing your problems?

At ECMP we provide treatment and managment solutions for clients who have sustained or gradually developed an injury or problem at their work place environment.

The physical and mental stress placed on office workers and trade workers is becoming increasingly more demanding, and with this we are seeing rises in musculoskeletal injuries. The common occupational injuries are neck and lower back related issues and repetitive strain injury (RSI). These injuries are often caused by a combination of factors including poor posture, overuse of a body part, poor ergonomic set-up, prolong sitting or standing, incorrect lifting and carrying techniques.


To maintain a healthy spine adopting good posture is critical, at work we often find ourselves slumping a our computer desk or hunching our shoulders when walking. Poor posture can lead to numerous musculoskeletal issues, these may include a misaligned spine, joint dysfunction, muscle soreness and fatigue, back and neck pain, and headaches.

Occupational Injuries and Posture