Massage Therapy

At ECMP we offer a professional massage service to our clients. If the massage is to supplement physiotherapy goals or a stand-alone session by itself we can provide that rejuvenating, relaxing or deeper tissue massage that you request. 

Our massage sessions can be very specific to particular areas of the body or can be more globally focused of the entire body. Our highly qualified therapists will work with you to achieve the desired results.

Therapeutic massage

Our Therapeutic massage is very similar to Remedial massage and it is one of the most common and effective techniques used in massage today. It provides a healing treatment for tense, tight and even knotted muscles. The healing comes via the way you perform the massage either gently or strong and the depth used on the tissue. Therapeutic massage naturally treats the body.

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

If you’re experiencing:

√  painful back
√  headaches
√  postural problems
√  migaines
√  aching joints
√  painful neck
√  chest pain
√  chronic neck pain

Therapeutic massage would be ideal to help with any of these health problems. Therapeutic massage therapy is also good for people who are under stress, active people coping with injury and strains during their rehab process.

Massage prices – check out our Fees menu as we have a list of very affordable mobile massage prices.