• Treatment by an experienced physiotherapist
  • Making life easier for yourself!
    • Convenience and comfort of your home or office
    • Avoidance of traffic hassles
  • More time with the therapist – allowing for thorough assessment and treatment
  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our treatment always do our best to deliver outstanding care
  • One-on-one hands on approach

Simply call ECMP on 0451 422 033 and our friendly staff will arrange an appointment time for you. If you have any questions we are happy to discuss over the phone or you can send an email through to ECMP.

All we need is to have a safe area for a treatment table to be set up. We require you to be ready and have appropriate dress attire for the area being treated. If you have any scans or reports (X-Ray, CT, MRI) have them ready and if you have a referral to Elliot Campbell Mobile Physiotherapy.

Yes we require parking space. If you dont have a parking space at your property or building but have an allocated space within 40m then that is manageable. We require details of parking prior to consultation.

No you don’t need a referral to see our Physiotherapist. If you are claiming through WorkCover, DVA, EPC Medicare program, or CTP you will require a Doctors referral.

Our mobile tables are of the highest quality, providing comfort and the hour-glass shape allows the therapist easy access to all areas of the body. The table height is fully adjustable, has a fitted face cradle and a working weight of 204kg.

Our therapist will sit down with you and ask arrange of questions eluding to what you have been experiencing, this enables for a better understanding of the problem. Our therapist will then do a thorough objective assessment to provide an accurate diagnosis and clarity as to why you have developed the problem and the expected outcomes of physiotherapy. From here the necessary treatment will be provided. Following this our therapists will always provide home exercises to perform to help. Alongside this we will inform of how long it will take your injury or problem to resolve and how many sessions you may require to achieve full recovery within the expected time frame.

  • Initial consult 45mins
  • Follow-up consult 30-40mins
  • Extended consult 45mins

Payment will be required at the end of the consultation by either cash or eftpos: credit or debit using our eftpos terminal. Unfortunately, we don’t accept cheques or bank transfers.

Currently there is no portable HICAPS machines but they will be coming very soon and we will have this facility made available for all our clients. At present you can claim through your health fund simply online or at your your local health fund store.