Neck and Back Pain

We use clinically proven back and neck treatment for pain managment and to fasten recovery time.

  • Do you want an accurate diagnosis and be well informed about your neck or back problem?
  • Do you want to recover from your pain safely and fast?
  • Do you want to see an experienced Physiotherapist who knows how to treat all different types of neck and back problems?
  • Do you want to prevent your neck or back form flairing up again?

Book into see our physiotherapists who are commited to providing you specialist care and will help you achieve these goals.

At ECMP our physiotherapists have had extensive experience in treating many different conditions of back and neck pain and we use a variety of clinically proven treatment methods. These treatment methods may include mobilisations, manipulation, soft tissue release, core stability, postural correction, pilates and McKenzies method of spinal treatment.

Back and neck pain are the most common areas of the body where we experience problems, studies have shown 60-80% of the general population experience some sort of back pain at some point in their lives. Sometimes the back or neck pain maybe the result of a specific injury or simply wear and tear at times called degeneration. The onset of pain may occur suddenly and be gone in days, or other times it may last for weeks and even longer.

At ECMP we will provide a thorough assessment or your neck or back pain, this will ensure you’ll be well informed of what is causing the problem, and importantly will explain what you need to do to preveny the issue from reoccurring.

Here is a list of common neck conditions we treat at ECMP:

Muscle strains
Pinched nerves
Bulging discs
Tension related neck pain and headaches
Shoulder dysfunction/injuries leading to neck pain

Here is a list of common back problems we treat at ECMP:

Lumbar facet strains
Bulging or herniated discs
Sciatic pain
Muscle Strains
Post surgery rehabilitaion i.e. laminectomy or spinal fusion
Degenerative facet or discs
Stress fractures
Sacroilliac joint pain (SIJ) or dysfunction
Muscle imbalances

Neck and Back Pain